The Guardian tells us that Director of National Intelligence Clapper didn’t lie about collecting bulk metadata, when questioned by privacy lion Senator Ron Wyden (D – OR).  He just didn’t understand the question.  And he couldn’t correct the testimony (or, although the article doesn’t say so, have the testimony struck) because the program was classified.

Besides, Clapper’s lawyer whines, everyone on the committee already knew the answer.

But if the program was classified and testimony couldn’t be corrected, why is the executive order sitting in open sources under Executive Order 12333 since the Reagan administration?  That’s the NSA’s legal justification for collecting.  Can’t be open source executive order and classifed at the same time, can it?  Makes your head spin…

I swear, the NSA rules lawyers are getting more and more like the Red Queen’s courtiers.  I hope our heads don’t spin off entirely.