The Guardian is up front and personal on this one — I read it yesterday and yet, the story seems to not be propagating much further than their pages:

Angela Merkel, the prime minister of Germany who grew up in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, used the S word to Obama’s face regarding the NSA.


Infamously the most intrusive domestic spy agency, destructive of the social fabric and social contract of any western society, in modern history.

Now, it’s one thing when some old tin hat like me uses this term.

And I was stunned to hear retired NSA officer and whistle blower Thomas Drake make the reluctant comparison in June of this year.  The Stasi were on his watch.

But I wonder how many Americans understand how really venomous, vitriolic, nasty — how corrosive this is coming from Merkel’s lips?  I had to sleep on it before I wrote about it.  Our people say “the conversation ‘may or may not have occurred.'”  This means they are irked and embarrassed that the Germans gave it to The Guardian.

It means, also, that the Germans think we haven’t done a damn thing to satisfy Germany since Angela Merkel found out we were tapping her cell, and this is payback, likely.

It really is a shot across the bow, my friends.  It’s about as close as we’re likely to see to Godwin’s Law in diplomatic terms.  Merkel, as Germany’s highest authority, could not more plainly state we’ve gone too far and need to re-assess our position in the world.

How many things need to go wrong, go wrong, go wrong before we act on a crisis?

Depends on how many billions are at stake and how my sleeping giant expresses her displeasure — assuming she ever wakes up and gets off the couch.  Got to love democracy.

illo: Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen – former STASI prison.