So, I’m biased.  They say they didn’t break Tor Hidden Services, and I believe them.  They’ve already listed a lot of reasons of how their alleged mark was a dumbass.  But here’s more.

Andy Greenberg at Forbes has this nice article on how Ross Ulbricht, allegedly DPR of Silk Road, has been denied bail on the basis that he now commissioned not two, but six hits off his own provision.

That, in keeping with his own philosophy, should he prove to be DPR, he did not go down to the street corner and get two guys named Guido to off his blackmailer and inconvenient witnesses that threatened him and his darknet marketplace — but went to some presumably well rated assassin on his own service, who happened to be an FBI sting (way to throw around a few BTC, guys, and fraudulently inflate some ratings.  Just can’t trust the government, dammit…).

So, it seems that the FBI boys (and possibly girls) went and faked the death of a former Silk Road staffer — the alleged blackmailer? — and perhaps took DPR’s bitcoins and put them into the witness protection fund.  Is anyone optioning the movie rights to this stuff?  Great noir.  Or black stoner comedy.  Depending on the treatment and your sentiments and the truth value and, well, you know.

Anyway, so the judge was going to let Ulbricht out on bail, so the FBI came up with four more prospective hitman targets and bid up the judge to make sure their alleged DPR didn’t go all Kim Dotcom on them.

Which makes me wonder — and you should to — whatever the truth value of state’s evidence?  The massive evidence in many many cases these days in the hands of prosecutors, more and more of it, will be entirely digital.  In many cases, should it be extracted from Prism, rather than on a seized server such as Silk Road’s, it may have been in state hands all along.

If the stakes are high enough, any state forensics expert worth their salt can tamper as easily or more easily, forge and do parallel construction, if they are not pure of heart and if the stakes are high enough.

How high are the stakes?  What orders are they ever going to be under?  Who would ever know?

Classically: who will watch the watchers?