Ars Technica reports that a month after Silk Road was taken down, Silk Road II is up and running with all the same art and apparently the same software, and a lot of the same vendors, and (wow, how Princess Bride appropriate!) another Dread Pirate Roberts, assuming that they got the right dude in custody who is alleged to be the mastermind of Silk Road I.

So everyone in the press is saying “Aha!  Another Silk Road has risen from the ashes!  Take that FBI!  this shit is resilient!  Not only copycats but a clone!”

My thoughts are a little different.

I would be seriously wondering, were I considering participating in this site, considering that the FBI seized the original software assets of Silk Road I — if this weren’t the most amazing coincidental honeypot setup.

After all, Holder has approved of his folks operating illegal sites for entrapment purposes already.  It would be, as I understand, entirely within the FBI charter to set this up to catch a few flies with honey — they have all the assets right at hand.

Of course, I just think like a social engineer.  I might do it in the FBI’s place.  Maybe they aren’t that smart.