The NYTimes reports today that in his well reasoned statements, Edward Snowden says he carefully kept NSA secrets away from both the Chinese and Russians, and that he had taught sessions on counter cybersecurity measures vs the Chinese on such issues — that he saw no advantage in carrying the leaks with him, and so on.  All measured, reasoned responses to the calls stateside for him being a young rash traitor in breaking and running.

And he’s getting no refutation on these remarks.

So while I will stick with my opinion in the San Francisco Bay Guardian op/ed from back in June that whistle blowers are post-conventional idealists who do what they do to serve the greater goals of society, and are not oppositional personalities, I need to retract a number of begrudging and backhanded compliments where I called Mr. Snowden a brave young dumbass.

He might well have been just brave.


(Have to admit, I’m still tickled to have gotten “post-conventional” into a major US newspaper.  You will never see that again…)


illo credit jsound on flickr