This will not be nearly as strange for those of you who are not familiar with Portal and know why the creepy cheery theme song is quite so creepy and cheery.

The sensory concept of the song being performed silently on the other side of a glass screen in American Sign Language by the very talented Captain Valor  is quite surreal, the cake being a lie and all… and… well…  It’s very delightfully twisty.

The good captain does a grand selection of Jonathan Coulton songs in ASL too! nom!

Turn on closed captioning on the lower right for simultaneous interpretation in ASL/English.  I set mine to red.  This often scores you some fun easter eggs, or just things that make you think about translation/interpretation in ASL performances, or in general.  For example, “Black Mesa” is “Black Table” — but well, of course “mesa” is “table” in Spanish, so what else would you use?  But I blinked.


fan art cc BY sleighboy @ flickr