[Organizing for America — the 501c5 for Obama/Biden — sent me an email today noting I hadn’t given them a single dollar this year and what’s up with that?  They have a funding reporting deadline end of the month, and would appreciate me pitching in.  So I dug up their email address and proceeded to burn off some poor intern’s ears…]

Life long Democrat.

Former state committee woman.
Former chair of budget and finance in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Arguably, key in carrying Oregon for the Democrats for Kerry, much good it did us.

Quite arguably key in carrying Oregon for Dr. Dean for party chair, and quite influential in a number of other circles among “non-progressive” old Party types in getting him support.  (I’m from Vermont, originally, although I was not in Vermont when he was governor, I was introduced to him through my networks and fundamentally impressed very early in his campaign).

I was the original person at http://digitaldivide.org, and a long time organizer — Barry Obama might have known about this — bringing nonprofits on to the Internet in the 90s.  I developed a great many of the tools and methods adopted by the Dean campaign, later Blue State Digital, and eventually everyone in politics including you, when you sent me an email today pointing out I hadn’t given you money.

No kidding I haven’t.

Let me tell you why.  I’ve spent over three decades working on the internet, much of it in public policy and politics, and much of it on government money, one way or another, including as founding executive director of the Tor Project — a group that let the Chinese (and the NPR and CNN Beijing bureaus) through the Great Firewall of China, safeguarded the international press corps during the coup in Bangkok nearly a decade ago, shielded the organizers in Tahrir Square from being rounded up by Mubarak’s thugs as they “organized on Facebook” (which, without anonymity software, would have landed them in torture and jail within hours), and today is shielding the Syrian resistance — among many other things.  Like being recommended as a last ditch one-finger salute at the NSA by US citizens against domestic surveillance.

Domestic surveillance.  Like the Stasi.  For SHAME.  It’s clear that the FISA court is uncomfortable, the NSA officer’s girlfriends are being checked up on, there’s no more accountability on these huge data bunkers than there was on Hoover’s FBI.  The IC is getting all touchy feely and putting nice bits out on Tumblr that have no bearings on the facts, while they go hammer and tongs after people who are trying to educate the public and protect our civil liberties in the back room.

And my old Senator, Ron Wyden, bless him, is getting a few seconds on the oversight committee to point out the liars and cheats plainly shown by their history to be perjuring themselves to the Senate, and Senator Feinstein is letting him speak and moving right along.

You know, I worked on Obama’s first campaign so hard even though I was sick and in financial distress.  I had house parties.  I brought people into the campaign in Somerville MA who had never worked on a campaign in their life.  I had little “Obama fans” in the summer.  The whole schtick.

And when he came into office, I felt validated when the State Department got to exhale after eight long years of holding on — four years by their fingernails, and then four more by bloody stumps manicured over.

But for all my friends and associates who had seen things go badly south at 9/11, seen the abomination of the USA PATRIOT Act come in mid-October, and everything go to bloody hell since as young idiots took all the shortcuts offered with CALEA and every damn other thing offered to climb over the backs of the people who cared — and Obama hasn’t done a thing to support civil liberties and the Constitution in DHS and the IC.

I have a son enrolled at a military academy.  He is there to support and defend the Constitution that the people in DC seem to be using for toilet paper, left and right, and my president is happy to rub shoulders with McConnell from Booz Allen and all his Bush-era (pick Bush I or II) cronies and send my boy off on adventures to get serin thrown at him by either side.  It’s just castor beans — it’s literally not rocket science — anyone can make the stuff and disarming Syria just means they won’t be as efficient throwing it from planes.  Who in DC cares?  Just another asinine conflict that should be taken care of in diplomacy — probably within regional circles.  By the time he comes home they’ll have cut VA benefits anyway.

We need the NSA, no doubt.  I’m not proposing we knock down all of Crypto City.  They are the largest employer in Maryland, if nothing else.  But just as diplomacy saves us from wars, so does good intel.  GOOD INTEL.  Overloaded bad intel, on the other hand, is useless.  Unfiltered, idiotic intel, with too much chaff and chatter, does us no good.  And intel that destroys our national character by making us all criminals and suspects under the eye of Big Brother, breaks the social contract, disaffects young people from citizenship and social and political engagement?

That’s a tragic legacy for any president.  That’s an invitation to despotism.  I do not want the next election to be 1939.

So, why have I not donated?

Because I believe Barry Obama has been COWED by the MIC.  And I won’t pay for his cowardice.  Until he gets out from under his FUD, starts believing in his own message of hope again, abandons the multiple nightmare simulation scenarios he was no doubt fed on climate, energy, population, border, food and other simulations when he came into office weak on foreign policy, and get a spine and BELIEVE in the American people, and start preparing the people for what comes, for the victory gardens of the 21st C instead of the dictators — I won’t give a cent.

Teach us to be the Jeffersonian Citizens, the real Americans, for the 21st century, not the passive German people who didn’t know what was happening in their own country — because that’s what we look like right now.  Be FDR, for God’s sake.   If we can’t have Obama/Biden be FDR/Truman — we’re going to have Hitler/Goering as the next administration.

If I see some FDR out of the White House, you’ll see money and effort out of this household.

But right now, what I see is quisling abandonment.  Not a dime, not a word of support until your people support civil liberties, transparency, Constitutional sanity (what was that posse comitatus executive order in May about anyway?  These lines between DHS/IC/military keep getting thinner and thinner — I’d rather see the USA PATRIOT Act and it’s brood gone, not furthered, please?  Checks and balances are there for a reason — these are design features, and you are subverting them!).

It’s not just the right an libertarians talking about the “blood of patriots” these days.  You are running out the patience of old party rank and file loyalists.  My God think about what that means, before it is too late.  There’s not a sick democracy in modern times that’s survived a revolution without establishing a dictatorship — only dictatorships, monarchies and so on where the people yearn and model democracy, do they revolt and responsibly establish democratic rules.

But if this democracy goes into civil unrest, you have let its people continue to grow stupid, misinformed, passive, and disengaged.  Nothing but a strongman will rise from the ashes if you fall.  PLEASE rise up in hope, do not give in to this culture of fear that you’ve started to sell us out to, through this whole IC/DHS side of the executive branch.  It would be better to fall to terrorists than to this sort of internal hell.  YOU ARE LETTING THE TERRORISTS WIN.

We have met the terrorists, and they are you.

Is that the change I was supposed to believe in?

Not one dime.  Give me hope and liberty.

More sincerely that you could possibly believe — and representing more people that won’t write in, because they are too disgusted to give you the time of day,

Shava Nerad

illo thanks to jimmycarter08.com