Go Wired!  NSA cycberstalkers FTW.  No, nobody would ever abuse that data.  It all has to go through FISA…

I understand locally, the Boston Police Department had to stop using the example in trainings on the cell phone triagulation database of “don’t look up your daughter on a hot date night.”  Because it was, you know, too easy and they didn’t actually log who was looking up what…

Build it, and they will come — and sneak around the intended use and screw around with the crap.  This is why you DON’T allow this kind of stuff to be passively collected.

If we know it gets abused for stalking girlfriends, you have to reasonably imagine it gets exploited for more vital purposes.  We already know that the FISA court is uneasy regarding data discipline on domestic queries.  Just imagine how loosey-goosey these guys might be with international data — which has increasingly wide definitions.

There’s this principle in police and intelligence work, where you get evidence you can’t legitimately use in court or say you ever had for one reason or another.  You never, ever had access to it, right?  So you examine it, you use it, and then you reverse engineer some other reason, some other evidence, after the fact, of why you would come to the same conclusion that you could tell a legitimate reporting authority.

(Alternatively, someone ends up dead evading capture and you don’t have to worry about reverse engineering anything…except maybe how the exit wound was not really quite at the right vector…)

And no one ever needs to know that you had access to tainted evidence.

The NSA data bunkers are more than a nation’s worth of tainted evidence, that through the Intelligence Community is available to the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, Coast Guard, ICE, and a number of agencies, as well as our international partners.  By, uh, pre-reverse engineered channels.  And more and more often, legitimately.

Do you see?