Due to my adventures with dentistry today, I’ve been thinking about pain, which made me ponder my old thoughts regarding the Asperger Pain Rating Scale.

I came up with this idea some time back.  In the interest of a teachable moment, I’m cannibalizing the traditional Wong-Baker Pain Scale which heads this article (courtesy the Wong-Baker Faces Foundation) to show what a lot of folks I’ve shared with “on the spectrum” seem to project regarding pain.

I’ve blogged before on G+ regarding how clinicians don’t seem to get people on the autism spectrum regarding pain.  And finally today, I thought, “Someone must have created all those pain charts…”

Well, they did.

I found the Wong-Baker Faces Foundation, and sent correspondence to Connie Baker (We lost Donna Wong a few years back) asking if she had any ideas on how we might raise consciousness on how doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel might be more sensitive regarding children and adults with ASD issues regarding pain.

And in the meantime, I decided to use my limited graphics skills to produce this (click for larger image):

aspie pain chart


It may not be beautiful art, but it sort of gets the point across I think.  Everything is fine until it’s decidedly not.