A complication of being in chronic pain — that most blessedly unfamiliar people with the state might ponder — is that you never know what part of you is going bad, necessarily.  Recently, I’ve been getting chills and flushes, bad headaches, my digestion seems to have been unusually poor, my sense of taste’s been on and off, I’ve been tense, my sleep’s off.

Well, gosh, I’m trying to conduct a campaign against a major corporation, I’m looking at losing my utilities and housing and job, my health is crappy, my stress is through the roof.  Loss of homeostasis, my headaches are bad, the trigeminal parts of my more migraine-like headaches seem to be worse, I suppose it’s no surprise…

I went in to get my teeth cleaned today.  Turns out I have a massive dental abscess.  When prodded, yes, the abcess pocket hurt.  But you know, I don’t usually prod up against the gum line above my molars, and it wasn’t really distinguishable against the background of my normal pain.

Yes folks, my normal background pain is as bad as a toothache.  The dentist office was somewhat stunned that I don’t generally deal with painkillers.  I told them not to bother giving me opiates, since I have them at home and don’t use them.

They did give me a scrip for Clindamycin HCL 4x/diem 150mg.  OMG, this stuff looks nasty — they treat malaria with this, and malaria is notoriously stubborn.

They treat MRSA with this stuff.  And if you don’t know what MRSA is, you really kind of don’t want to but should, because it’s a major public health issue, especially since whether or not you plan to be near a hospital or clinic, you might have to sometime.  And because we are running out of antibiotics faster than we’re innovating therapies, and faster than Michael Pollen is educating us on how important our flora is or the Human Food Project (who no doubt does real research funded with their yuppie crowdfunding money which seems undemographically sound or controlled for time/temp/… to me, but what do I know with no degree and so on…heh) MRSA is a serious social threat.

I feel rather bad I’m clearcutting mine.  Is this trip necessary?  I’ve had this abcess, likely, for weeks.  I suppose pulling the tooth from under it next week (it apparently isn’t restorable, at least not on public health guidelines and budgets) would be more than my thresholds would bear if we didn’t deal with the infection first.

A label on it calmly informs me “diarrhea may occur weeks to months after taking this drug.  Call dr or rpn.”  This is bad labeling, because it could be interpreted as meaning you could expect diarrhea to persist for weeks to months after taking it, which is also true, and can be fatal, because it’s not uncommonly associated with pseudomembranous colitis from Colostridium difficile.

Yet this is a commonly prescribed dental antibiotic with minimal supervision.  Wow.


illo by Daquello manera on flickr