…and I’ve never done a thing with it. I’ve always gone to the places where other people were, because that seemed so much more interesting. But I’m in the position now where I need to concentrate my efforts on raising a bit of money and concentrating my efforts on monetizing what writing I can do while I try to secure my health. So I hate to be bald about it, but if you like my writing, please throw a payment at the paypal widget on your right, if you can. I’m about to lose my cell and my Internet, and will have to negotiate with my landlord come the first, and things aren’t going so well here.

I am going to do my best to turn out some content here, and I will post teasers to G+ and elsewhere. And I’m developing an editorial calendar. I can’t get anyone to hire me, so I need to be my own boss on this, and do what I can to turn things out. I have, through my illness, maintained a certain amount of personal correspondence, and to those of you I am about to neglect, I am very apologetic. I need to pay bills.

Here is the entire output of a polymath, even a sick one, as it comes through — I will try to categorize and tag it better, which may please more of you who are overly firehosed on G+.

My life and welcome to it! :)