every life is stranger than fiction, by Shava Nerad Unpopular Nonfiction
This will not be nearly as strange for those of you who are not familiar with Portal and know why the creepy cheery theme song is […]
A seismologist in Italy is still fighting his conviction to six years on manslaughter charges in Italy for inadequately informing the Italian public that a […]
[Organizing for America — the 501c5 for Obama/Biden — sent me an email today noting I hadn’t given them a single dollar this year and […]
If you can canonize an iconoclast, The Guardian is giving it a shot for journalist Seymour Hersh: Seymour Hersh has got some extreme ideas on […]
Go Wired!  NSA cycberstalkers FTW.  No, nobody would ever abuse that data.  It all has to go through FISA… I understand locally, the Boston Police Department […]
Due to my adventures with dentistry today, I’ve been thinking about pain, which made me ponder my old thoughts regarding the Asperger Pain Rating Scale. […]
A complication of being in chronic pain — that most blessedly unfamiliar people with the state might ponder — is that you never know what […]
From New World Notes, the foremost blog on all things Second Life: Two highly admired, longtime SL content creators have entirely removed their work from […]
The ACLU can be very creative and weird these days in the way they do outreach. Anthony Romero’s marketing crew has been taking lessons from […]
  I’ve been in Second Life since 2005, when there were about 66,000 people using this rather new virtual world environment.  And I might have […]
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