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ZDNet reports that Target covered up the extent of the breach during the holiday season.  Not just debit cards and pins, which could have allowed […]
Someone on Quora asked: Do you believe that the Koch Brothers exemplify the values of the Republican Party? To which I felt compelled to answer: […]
The Guardian tells us that Director of National Intelligence Clapper didn’t lie about collecting bulk metadata, when questioned by privacy lion Senator Ron Wyden (D […]
The Guardian is up front and personal on this one — I read it yesterday and yet, the story seems to not be propagating much […]
An old association of mine, Craig Smith, used to publish the Journal of Strategic Philanthropy — a title which never failed to make me cringe. […]
They don’t let Kashmir Hill write headlines like mine on Forbes, so I have to do it for her.  Fun article.  Go read.  Come back. […]
So, I’m biased.  They say they didn’t break Tor Hidden Services, and I believe them.  They’ve already listed a lot of reasons of how their […]
Thanks in no small part to the people who contribute to this site (you know who you are, including the kind friend/fan/frequent commenter/resharer who dropped […]
Ars Technica reports that a month after Silk Road was taken down, Silk Road II is up and running with all the same art and apparently […]
Dear The Guardian: I don’t believe the FBI, and neither should you. It seems like a dubious “error” — the FBI has a long history […]
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